Sales and Marketing Training

I can help your sales team sell more.

Give a better customer service and make sure you have repeat business and recommendations.

Its all pretty simple really, but how many times have you been in a shop and the sales staff just are not interested? This includes some very big names on the High Street and Retail Parks.
Now look at your own staff are they the same? I bet you they are no different then the sales people in that sloppy shop?

If they are not then you do not need me, if they are?         well……. give me a call 01292 313391.

Some of the topics covered in my Sales and Marketing Presentation.


John Maltwood - Sales Training

John Maltwood – Sales Training

“No Thanks, I’m just looking”. How many times have we said this? Would be purchasers of an item that walk into a shop are conditioned to say these words as a “give me more time”, or a “don’t bother me”. Find out how to overcome this problem in your workforce. Do not leave the customer any chance to mutter these words.

Recognise buying signals. Surely not. But most sales staff I meet cannot see if I’m a buyer or a looker! and if I am a looker, how easy would it be for me to become a buyer?

“You look good”. To be Number One you have to LOOK Number One. Something someone told me a very long time ago. And very true. The number of times again that staff are not dressed for the role of meeting, greeting, serving the general public. Staff members reminded about their personal hygiene, their clothes not washed or their hair not clean. This is not “rocket science” but makes all the difference to sales performance.

Meet The What If People

“Beware of the What If People”. Meet the “What If People”. They come in all shapes and sizes! Generally they are the people closest to you. Mum, Dad, Spouse. Okay, I am sure they mean well. Listen to them and they will talk you out of starting that business idea. Promise you.



Social Media Marketing.

How to tap into the Three Billion users. From large companies to new starts. Play on a level playing field. Get the best from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram and many more.

One to One Sessions.

I am always happy to pass on my expertise to new start ups. Working closely with The Princes Trust I am always delighted to assist these Trust supported businesses.